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:iconunownwplz: :iconunowneplz: :iconunownlplz: :iconunowncplz: :iconunownoplz: :iconunownmplz: :iconunowneplz:

A few people have asked me, What is so-called 'original' CreepyPasta? Well, Everyone knows the CreepyPastas that have put most Pokémon horror authors on the correct path. 'Glitchy Red' 'Blue Tears', 'Tarnished Gold', 'Creepy Black', 'Lost Silver', Hell, even the 'Ash Ketchum Coma Theory' has made Pokémon one of the greatest games for pasta dishes! There are other themes and motifs as well, such as 'Haunted Majora's Mask', 'Smile.jpeg' and 'Slenderman', to name but a few. This is a group to make and create your own, original CreepyPasta and hope it gets as popular as the better-known ones :meow: We also accept Fanart.

What IS allowed here?

*Giritina and his Reverse World
*N (Team Plasma in general)
*Team Rocket
*Ruins of Alph
*Game Glitches
*HM slaves
*Pokedex entries

Now than what is not allowed here? That's easy too!

*"OMG! I just got my first Pokémon and I have to like buy tons of potions! -screams-" ...Yeano.
*Your take on famous pastas like Glitchy Red or Smile.jpeg. It's not needed, it's not wanted. Sorry. I will delete any artwork or 'pastas devoted to the more famous 'pastas.

Also, be polite, please. Keep the flaming way, way, WAY down. No one wants dArama. If you have a problem, go to a Co-Founderor come to me. I am a rather laid-back, easy-going person, but don't tick me off, 'kay?

So yeah...

:iconunowneplz: :iconunownnplz: :iconunownjplz: :iconunownoplz: :iconunownyplz:

Now then, have fun! And remember...

:iconbrvrplz: Is watching you!
Founded 4 Years ago
May 14, 2011


Group Focus
Original Creepypasta

1,035 Members
986 Watchers
34,318 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

Gallery Folders

In-World Pokepasta
Urban Legend Pokepasta
Tutorials Guides

Rules and Stuff

1. Be polite to both Admins and your fellow CreepyPasta Eaters, if someone gives you a hard time, inform the admins IMMEDIATELY.
2. Please, do not submit any Fan-characters or OCs piggybacking off popular pastas to the Creepypasta folder, since they are counted as 'fanfiction' and would belong in the 'Fanart' folders, according to what genre they are (Pokepasta, Creepypasta, etc.)
3. No theories on pre-existing CreepyPastas. It's probably been heard a millions times before.
4. Please submit to the right folder.

More will be added as I come up with them.
Since I'm not really doing requests any more I'm opening my commissions! These are the first ones I've done so far and so the prices are based off other commissions that I've seen.


Add Background
Add a detailed background to any size drawing
+10 points

Create the drawing digitally for better effects
+10 points

Mug Shot
A shoulder up drawing of any character
30 points

Half Body
A waist up drawing of any character
80 points

Full Body
A fully coloured and shaded full body drawing of any character
100 points
More Journal Entries


What is a Creepypasta/Pokepasta?

Creepypasta, by definition, is a short horror story originating from the internet that has been shared/re-posted at least 100 times.

Of course, as the purpose of this group is to get horror stories enough limelight so they BECOME Creepypasta, your work does NOT need to meet the second part of the criteria to be featured in this folder. Criteria it DOES need to meet:

1. Originality; your work CANNOT contain famous Creepypasta characters, any work that does is considered fanfiction (Plus, it is highly recommended that you give characters identity of their own, instead of relaying on other's popularity) and only the ACTUAL Creepypastas are allowed in this folder; any reference sheets, artwork etc are to go in Fanart-Creepypasta; even if you are the creator!

2. Origin; Creepypastas MUST originate from the internet or else they are simply horror stories! Whether or not you luck out and get them in a book later does not effect it's Creepypasta status.

Pokepasta is a type of Creepypasta set in/around Pokemon and mostly follows the same rules! Only the origin part is redundant, origin is void in this case due to Copyright laws and the fact it cannot originate from anywhere BUT the internet due to them. (Anything Pokemon cannot be printed, distributed, etc, without permission of the copyright holders, I doubt they'd allow anything that may scare off children or their parents from the series)

A quick explanation of our folders, please put your art into the right place!

Featured: The best this group has to offer as voted in by the admins. PLEASE! Do NOT submit to this folder!

In-World Pokepasta: Original Pokepasta set INSIDE the Pokeverse, also known as Creepy Fanfiction, only original works are accepted!

Urban Legend Pokepasta: Original Pokepasta set OUTSIDE the Pokeverse, only original works are accepted!

Creepypasta: Any and all other Creepypasta, posted in accordance to dA's rules (please use a mature filter if needed!)

Fanart- In world Pokepasta: Fanart of already existing In-World Pokepasta. Also, any artwork you or others may have created for your original In-World Pokepasta is to go here too!

Fanart- Urban Legend Pokepasta: Fanart for already existing Urban Legend Pokepasta. Also, any artwork you or others may have created for your original Urban Legend Pokepasta is to go here too!

Fanart-CreepyPasta: Fanart for already existing CreepyPasta. Also, any artwork you or others may have created for your original Creepypasta is to go here too!

Visual Pokepasta: Pokepasta-based Comics/Pokepasta pictures without story!
Pokepasta pictures are under the same criteria of Pokepasta stories, but as this is a group for turning potential Creepypasta/Pokepasta into REAL Creepypasta/Pokepasta, it does not have to meet the 100+ requirement! Also misc. stuff like Pokepasta T-shirts!

Visual CreepyPasta: Creepypasta-based Comics/Creepypasta pictures without story!
Creepypasta pictures are under the same criteria of Creepypasta stories, but as this is a group for turning potential Creepypasta into REAL Creepypasta, it does not have to meet the 100+ requirement!

Tutorials Guides: Helpful guides to writing Creepy and Poke-Pasta and other related topics!



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jeffthekiller264 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 19, 2015  Student General Artist
Hey, could you please help me? I'm currently thinking about wanting to join the group but in order to that I must know the proper rules of the group cause... Well I don't wanna tick you off. ;P I got the main rules but I couldn't exactly understand the part about the Origin and the Originality in the Admin part of the group. And what exactly did you mean by REAL creepypasta? And the internet thing? God, I'm so confused! Please help me!
Eclipse-The-Awesome Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
  Thank you for your concern, but I assure you it's very hard to tick me off lol. This group's purpose is to take people's original creepypasta and give it the exposure it needs to become 'real' creepypasta (meaning, well known and well received). People's definition of 'real' creepypasta differs, but in this group we've narrowed it down to a few requirements; it needs to be original (although it can be based on say, a videogame, like if you're writing a Pokepasta), it needs to be somewhat memetic (meaning it's retold and somewhat mutated over time, like an urban legend), and it can't be published before it becomes a creepypasta but it can be after. 

  If your creepypasta involves already existing creepypasta characters (Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, etc), then it goes into Fanart- Creepypasta because it's not original and is considered Creepypasta fanfiction. Fanart-Creepypasta is also for any art, including your own of your own characters, as the 'Creepypasta' folder is just for the creepypastas themselves. Pokepasta belongs in one of the two Pokepasta categories; In World (from the perspective of someone within the Pokemon universe, a trainer, pokemon, etc) and Urban Legend (from the perspective of someone outside the Pokemon universe; the player, someone with a cursed ROM hack, etc). Again, the main folders are for the stories only.

  I really need to rewrite the folder requirements for the last two folders, their vagueness is my fault. Visual Creepypasta and Pokepasta are for comic pages, and also for just creepy art without a story. Example, you draw a creepy girl with no eyes but she isn't an original character and you have no intent to write a story about her. She's just creepy. She'd go to Visual Creepypasta. 
awsome-issy Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015  New member Student Artist
amberkuhn Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I send you my fan art?
Eclipse-The-Awesome Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, under the Fanart folder. 
amberkuhn Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I may sound stupid for asking this but how do I put it in the folder?
Eclipse-The-Awesome Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
When you contribute art, in the top bar of the little window that pops up is a drop down menu of all the different folders. 
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Victoria-Woods Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks for accepting me<3
AzukiOsekihanaChan Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015   Digital Artist
Could we have a folder for CreepyPasta OC's, please? ^3^
Eclipse-The-Awesome Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Creepypasta OCs go in Creepypasta-Fanart. This entire group is for original work, so any art of your OCs is just fanart of your creepypasta. 
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